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The year was 1930, it was the heart of the depression and Joseph DeLora Sr. decides to open DeLuxe Cleaners. It was probably the hardest time in America’s history to start up a new business, but Joseph DeLora was just that kind of person. It was a decision, as you’ll see, he never regretted. What started out as a small wholesale drycleaning plant during the 1930’s has today grown to employ over 35 employees now in it’s 93rd year. It was the early 1940’s when Joseph DeLora would have an idea that would serve two purposes. His idea was to build a room that could act as both a “Bank Safe” fur vault and a bomb shelter that would protect the DeLora Family, friends and employees during the war years. He built a vault with 18″ brick walls and 12″ thick concrete ceiling and floor. Today this refrigerated vault is used for just one purpose, to accommodate our customers precious fur coats.

After returning home from the Korean War, Joseph’s eldest son Patrick DeLora Sr. took over the daily operations of DeLuxe Cleaners. Searching for a way to diversify the business he decides in 1955 to open DeLuxe Formal Wear. Today our Formal Wear Department is considered one of the leading stores in Northern New Jersey. Dealing with both rentals and sales, our showroom offers all the latest styles in formal wear, with such famous names as ke Behar, Ike Behar,Larr Brio, Kenneth Cole,Couture 1910, Ike Behar Slim and many more.

Bob Genuardi

 In 1985, Patrick’s nephew, Robert Genuardi, became General Manager of the DeLuxe Formal Wear division. With well over 40 years experience in the formal wear industry, Robert has satisfied many discriminating customers including: The Valley Regency, Crystal Springs Resort, The Legacy Castle, The Grand, The Royal Manor, Westmount Country Club, The Cosmopolitan, SST Corporation and many more.

The History of the Tuxedo

The tuxedo was a truly American invention, in that it embodied a rebellion against the cultural standards of Europe. Invented by Pierre Lorillard IV of New York for a specific, rather informal occasion, the tuxedo became an essential item of formalwear, in the US and abroad.

The Lorillards were tobacco magnates, and moved in the highest social circles. They owned land in Tuxedo Park, New York, a town about forty miles north of Manhattan. For that town’s Autumn Ball of 1886, Pierre Lorillard IV, the heir to the family fortune, decided to wear something less formal than the black tie and tails that had become the standard of men’s formalwear in the early 1800s in Britain.

He designed several coats that were black but without tails, shaped like the red jackets then worn for fox hunts. A tailor custom-made the coats, but on the night of the Ball Lorillard did not go through with his plan. However, his more impulsive son, Griswold, and many of his friends did wear the revolutionary jackets, adding to the ensemble scarlet vests in honor of the riding coats that had inspired the elder Lorillard. The lofty social status of the young men wearing the outfit soon resulted in its being imitated, rather than condemned.


The jacket named for the town of its debut has remained basically the same. Tuxedo accessories have developed over time: the bow tie did not become popular until the 1920s; the cummerbund was later borrowed from the British, who had borrowed it from India. Today, the sale and rental of tuxedos brings in more than half a billion dollars per year in the US alone. Indeed, it is almost impossible to imagine a wedding, high school prom, or any other gala event without them. Pierre Lorillard’s aberration has become an industry standard.

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