how to choose a tuxedo for prom

The prom is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. For some people, the prom may be their first date. Even for those who have dated before, the prom is certainly their first formal date. Follow these tips for a fun, memorable evening:

Choose Your Date Wisely and Timely

Don’t wait until the last minute to invite a date to the prom. Be sure to ask far enough in advance that your date has time to prepare. Choose wisely. The prom isn’t about having the best arm candy; it’s about having a good time. If you’re not already dating someone, think about who you would enjoy most. Going with a group of friends is a fun option, too.

Plan Together

Whether you’re going in a group or with a date, talk ahead of time about expectations. What’s important to each of you? Talk about budgets and clothing, so you’re on the same page.


If a limo is part of the plan, talk to some friends and go in together. A limo has a lot of seating. Fill it up and split the cost. Traveling as a group will lend more excitement to the event, too.

Dinner Reservations

Do not leave reservations to the last minute, because they will go fast. Figuring out where to eat should be one of the first things you do so you have a chance at getting a reservation early enough that you still have time to get to the dance.


Does your date want flowers? If so, do your date prefer a wrist corsage or a pinned corsage? It’s important to find out ahead of time and order the flowers early. This discussion should also include finding out if there are any flowers your date is allergic to.

On Prom Night

Make sure that you stay focused on your date. You’re not just going to an event, you’re going with another person.

  • Be on Time. Your date may be nervous. If you don’t show up when you said you would be there, your date will probably think you’re not going to show. If you’re stuck in traffic, let your date know. Being late could also cause you to lose your dinner reservation.
  • If your date wants to dance, dance. If you’re nervous, say so. It can be a great ice-breaker to fess up that you’re nervous about dancing.
  • Don’t Ditch Your Date. No matter how tempting it might be to run off with your friends once you get there, you are there with your date. Move about the event together. If it seems like your date wants to visit with friends, you can offer that you each go hang out with friends and then meet back up.

Don’t Forget the Pictures

If you decide to forgo the expensive package pictures from the professional photographer at the event, have a friend or family member take pictures of you together. It might seem unimportant right now, but someday you will be grateful that you captured the memory!

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